The Ashtray; a true smokers' companion. This creature attaches itself to a humans' back and feeds on the nicotine from the bloodstream. Though both helpful and harmless at first, the Ashtray can grow up to a foot in diameter and drive its' human host insane from the dangerous bacteria released from the bite.


10" Tall


Having no true name, MidKnight received his alias by the few people who have encountered him and his whereabouts. Living in the volcanic caves of the deep where no light may enter, he is said to be the oldest living creature of the World. All knowing and everlasting, his knowledge of the human-mind is said to be uncanny.

Generation BOX

12" Tall

Best in Show Winner @ Deblois Art Gallery in Newport, RI - 2008


BOX and his brothers are not only insane in nature, but they are also the Jesters of the King; making them both dangerous and powerful. Well known for deceit and trickery, their abuse of the Royal Power grows strong while the King remains hidden. Time has not been kind to these three.

Old Man Memory

6" Tall

Very old, very slow, and very blind, Old Man Memory wanders the world alone with no intentions of interacting with anyone. Some say he has explored every inch of both the Old and New Worlds but few have had the pleasure of meeting him.


8.5" Tall

No one knows the true story behind this creature of pain and agony. It is rumored that it was once a man whom offered his heart to the Queen in the Old World to prove his devotion. The King, a jealous man, soon found out of this offering and had his heart pierced. It was then placed on a cruel device attached to the mans' chest so he may be reminded of his mistake. The creature can be heard moaning in anguish as it hides away in the darkness of the world.

Rabid Rabbit

5" Tall

Common critters of the land, the Rabid Rabbits can be found almost anywhere and in great numbers. They were once known to be average rabbits in average nature. When the world changed, so did the rabbits. From adorable to diseased, cute to killer; the rabbits turned carnivorous and soon began hunting in numbers. Their tunnels burrow deep into the earth making for the perfect breeding grounds and seclusion.

The Nailer

4" Tall

The Nailer is the Great Weapon to the King of the Old World. Not a very bright creature, living for battle is all the knowledge necessary. He has seen many wars up to the transition into the New World. When the Old Kingdom was forgotten so was The Nailer. He lurks somewhere in the ancient ruins of the abandonded cities confused and irritable.


8.5" Tall

The Undying Nefarious Creature of the Living End. U.N.C.L.E. to those who dare speak of it. Sleeping in the center of the world it has no need to awaken. It enters your mind when your time in the World is coming to an end; taking from you what it needs to grow stronger. No living thing may look upon this monstrousity with their own eyes.


4" Tall

Upon the highest peak of the Manic Mountain, Vivik the Bard sits alone. Separated from his companions long ago, he has patiently waited throughout many life-times for the day of their reunion. He plays his music to the World from the mountain in hopes that someone might answer with a melody of their own.


**all sculptures are made from Sculpey Clay**

**most recent additions are hand painted**

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