Ben Silva's Biography



Benjamin Silva


Born: October 12th, 1982

Location: Fall River, MA

College/Art School: None

Mediums: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Digital Art, Film Making, Screen Printing


Artists Statement:

My artwork is one of the doors into my imagination. I create art because I have the ability and desire to do it for myself. No matter what form I choose, its the way of getting a certain point across. It's an outlet that I'm sure many other artists can relate to, but have trouble explaining at times. Everything I have ever created takes me back to that specific time and mood for that very moment. So, for me, every piece has its own little story or emotional definition. That's why they turn out the way they do - the colors, the scenarios, the characters, the whole theme in general. It is a still frame image from my imagination at the time, and having the ability to recreate it amazes me everyday. All of this, however, means nothing without having that someone to view my work. Knowing they are taking in a piece of my imagination for the good or bad is an accomplishment in itself. I've discovered that people see their own distinctive visions in my work, leaving me to believe that it is open for their imaginations as well.

The styles and mediums I choose to work with varies all the time. I began with pen and ink in my early years, and have now grown into various other art forms such as painting, sculpting, screen printing, film making, and music. At the moment I prefer working with acrylic and oil paints on various sized canvases using various painting styles. These mediums seem to be the best way of getting my mental still frame image out and making it into the real thing. Being self taught in the arts I have to experiment frequently which leads to new methods and discoveries for other painting styles. The color choices I use depend on the mood or theme of the piece. I try to let the colors tell most of the story before getting into the details of the characters or scenarios; catching your mood before getting a chance to think. I'm highly influenced by surrealism and the vast cartoonish art styles I have seen in animations growing up. Normally I combine the styles to show the different sides of them together as a whole. In the end, its about sparking that certain persons imagination and have the chance to listen to their very own view or story about my "out of the ordinary" art piece. When I paint I feel I can be wherever I want to be. I will never stop pursuing my art with hopes of continuing the growth of my knowledge, confidence, and success as an artist.

Recent References

3/08 - DeBlois Gallery Open Show - Newport, RI. Best in Show Winner for "Generation BOX" Sculpture
8/08 - Sakonnet Vineyards Artisan Fair - Little Compton, RI.
9/08 - Arts on Purchase St. - Fall River, MA.
3/09 - Herald News Article on "MiLLBiLLY Art Studio"
4/09 - MiLLBiLLY Open Studio Show "LEFT and RIGHT" - Fall River, MA
5/09 - Arts Express Open Studio Tours - Fall River, MA
6/09 - Accepted into Grimshaw Gallery in Bristol Community College - "One Way Ticket" Painting - Fall River, MA
9/09 - Arts on Purchase St. - Fall River, MA
10/09 - MiLLBiLLY Open Studio Show "SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST" - Fall River, MA
10/09 - Lizzie Borden Show by Sonic Nova - Gallery X - New Bedford, MA
12/09 - MiLLBiLLY Open Studio Show "A VERY MERRY MiLLBiLLY XMAS" - Fall River, MA
4/10 - MiLLBiLLY Open Studio Show "2010: A MiLLBiLLY ARTYSSEY"
9/10 - Arts on Purchase St. - Fall River, MA.
10/10 - MiLLBiLLY Open Studio Show "ARTOBERFEST" - Fall River, MA
10/10 - Fall River Herald News - Painted Newspaper Box/Displayed on South Main St. - Fall River, MA
11/10 - Arts Express Open Studio Tours - Fall River, MA
11/10 - Guest on local radio show "Faust in the Morning" - Fall River, MA
12/10 - Palette Pictures by Fall River Historical Society - Fall River, MA - Painting donated/sold in silent auction
1/11 - MiLLBiLLY ART MARKET at the MiLLBiLLY Art Studio - Fall River, MA
1/11 - Y.E.A.H.! - Teaching multi-media art for students ages 14-18 - Fall River, MA
2/11 - Fashion/Music/Art Show by Transient Authority - Waterstreet Cafe - Fall River, MA
4/11 - 1st Annual WB5 Rock to Remember - Fall River, MA - Painting Donated for auction