MiLLBiLLY ART is a collaborative art group located in Fall River, MA consisting of two over-inspired artists: Sean Foley and Ben Silva. Tired of creating their art in a confined space, they decided to combine their ideas and dedicate their time to creating MiLLBiLLY Art.

After one year of looking for a suitable studio to rent, the Durfee Union Mills offered a sufficient space on the 4th floor of Building 11 which would soon become the MiLLBiLLY Art Studio.

In October of 2008, the artists officially decided to pursue making art as their career using MiLLBiLLY as a vehicle. In the next year they displayed their work in over 8 art shows, 3 of which were their own at the MiLLBiLLY Art Studio along with creating several commisioned paintings for people and businesses. In the meantime, they are keeping up with producing new works, networking with other local artists, and keeping up their hopes of bringing the artworld back to life in Fall River, MA.